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Please read carefully as these will constitute as a contract


Fusion Escorts website contains material of and adult nature, therefore, to view this you must be at least 18 years of age (or any other legal age of majority in country where you are resident) or older.  You must consent to view material that may contain sexual and/or explicit sexual content. If you do not agree with the above statement, please leave the website.



Fusion Escorts work independently and are not employed by Fusion Escort Agency but have chosen to be listed on the website. Fees are paid for the escort’s companionship and time only.  Adult services are matters between you as the client and the chosen escort.

All escorts promoted by our agency are over 18 years of age, can choose their own working hours, are free to decline appointments if they so choose, possess the legal right to work in the UK and work as independent contractors. Our agency does not offer a walk-in service and does not provide rented accommodation to escorts.



Payments to this agency are strictly for administrative, promotional and advertising purposes. Fusion and its operators comply with HMRC guidelines to facilitate the compliance of self-employed independent contractors with their statutory accounting requirements for which they are responsible personally.


Respecting Fusion Escorts

We at Fusion expect respectful handling of our escorts at all times.  If an escort says no to a service which she doesn’t offer, then this means NO.  We will not tolerate any kind of abuse of our escorts and will take necessary legal action. Any incidents of unpleasantness will be logged and sent to the blacklist.

Please note that our escorts will not give their private number out or meet with you separately from the agency, so please refrain from asking.



Our clients can rely on absolute discretion from our agency. Any information used for arrangements or payments will not be stored.



Please contact us immediately if you are not happy with your chosen escort so that we can rectify the situation , it is to late after the appointment has ended to react however we do take complaints very seriously, as we are always looking for ways to improve our excellent service.